Merry Christmas from the Termite Doctors

Closing over Christmas

Many people ask why we take a break over Christmas. We have found that, to effectively evaluate building constructions, termite entry points and long-term termite protection for clients’ homes, recharging at the end of the year is crucial.

As a family business we value spending time with our loved ones to enjoy the festive break together. We strongly believe in the philosophy of being well rested to work hard throughout the rest of the year, and are really fortunate to be able to spend quality time with our family and friends.

This break allows our team to be able to maintain the highest level of service we feel our clients and our business deserve.

Finding termites over Christmas

If you find termites over the Christmas holiday period… don’t panic. We understand how devastating it can be to find termites in your home and how stressful this can be on top of the Festive Season.

From experience, people usually find termite signs in their skirtings, windows or doorframes. This usually occurs when cleaning and also when preparing your home for Christmas and the visitors that come with it.

In most cases, termites would have been there for quite a long time before being discovered. As your property is usually your most important asset, it needs expert advice and careful consideration when deciding the best way to treat the damage.

We have found that over the end of year period, when a lot of businesses are closed and personal stress levels are high, people will accept a much lower standard of service. They will also often pay for a ‘suspect’ localised treatment, not completely understanding that termites are a bigger problem.

You should always get professional advice when dealing with termites. Even though we are closed, we recommend that you ask us for a second opinion in the New Year. We have been doing this for two and a half decades and have multiple awards for our service, so you can trust us.

What to do before the professionals arrive

There are actually a few things you can do while you wait for us to assess your property. This will greatly assist us in giving you the best results possible.

Firstly, resist the temptation for any further tapping or exploratory investigations. We know you may feel like you have to do something to help, but it is always best to leave the area undisturbed for a termite expert to check.

Secondly, any damaged paintwork or timbers should be taped up with Sellotape, masking tape or electrical tape. This stops the drying out of the workings and allows the termites to start relaxing. After a week or so the termites slowly move back into the workings. When we arrive, we can then fully evaluate the situation including identifying the  termite species. Etc.,

And lastly, if possible, take some photos and specimens. This will help us to determine the termite species at the site assessment of your home.

Is it an emergency if you find termites?

While finding termites is incredibly alarming, it does not always have to be an emergency situation.

If you find pests outside the house in timbers, trees, stumps and other woodwork in the gardens it is not an emergency situation. But it will need to be checked, and usually a termite inspection to evaluate the house is recommended. This can wait for the New Year when we can assess your home fully.

If you find termites anywhere inside the house, in stumps and piers, under the house or outside walls, then you have an emergency situation. At this point you should call us to discuss the situation and book a site visit.

What happens if you disturb termites?

Disturbing termites and their nest is a usual response from clients, and it’s a completely natural to want to see what’s going on.

This actually causes the termite stress and anxiety, and results in them retreating and finding another food source which may be another area of your home.

So don’t use any bug sprays on termites as it doesn’t work on them. Rather, leave them be and call in an expert.

Short term termite treatments

There are usually no short term treatments for termites. When termites enter homes it means the termite management system is not working at all. This usually means installing a full perimeter treatment to give a long-term protection to our major asset – the home.

Clients often forget that in the extreme termite pressure of the sub-tropic conditions of the Sunshine Coast we need to replace the perimeter termite barriers, or treated zones, at five year intervals.

Termite Doctors close on Wednesday 23rd December, 2015 and we re-open on Monday 11th January, 2016. Feel free to send us an email via our contact form with any questions which we will answer just prior to re-opening in the New Year.

From all of us at Termite Doctors, have a very happy Christmas and a safe New Year!